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Copyright 2014 Hampshire Constabulary Dive Club


1 x Faber 15 Litre Steel Nitrox Cylinder with boot and net

2 x Faber 12 Litre Steel Nitrox Cylinder with boot and net

1 x Aqua Lung 12 Litre Aluminium Cylinder

1 x Faber 3 Litre Steel Nitrox Pony Cylinder with net


1 x Apex TX50 main valve

1 x Apex Sentinel Octopus

1 x US Divers Air and Depth gauge

1 x Suit air line

1 x Apex Pony Valve with TX40 Octopus, with pressure gauge, BC Jacket air line.

 Dive Suit

1 x Otterskin bag with cylinder air valve and shoulder dump 6 ft male

1 x Internal Insulate suit 6ft male

1 x Set of AP Valves Pony to Main Cylinder straps

1 x AP Valves Slimline TD Buoyancy Jacket with strobe, hose clips and cylinder

2 x ‘’Mike Cooper’’ wooden reels with line

1 x McMahon plastic reel with line and ‘’tie on’’ clip Yellow

1 x Fishmouth nylon goodie bag Blue

1 x US style net zip up goodie bag Red

1 x BC Pocket string pull goodie Bag Yellow

1 x Beaver Diving divers tool bag for weight belt

1 x Autotec divers tool bag for weight belt
1 x Otter head mask Black with Red stripe
1 x Typhoon head mask Black
1 x Pair Typhoon gloves Black
1 x Pair Northern Diver Gloves
1 x Pair BodyGlove Gloves
1 x Pair Ankle Weights
1 x AD Products lifting bag Yellow
1 x Buddy inflatable marker buoy with dump and cylinder valves Red
1 x Inflatable Aquatic Delayed SMB s
1 x Air line rubber airfiller, 3 large,1 small clips with odds and ends
1 x ‘’Divers Down’’ flag and push together pole US make
1 x Small arm attached Divers knife and sheath
1 x Diver arm writing slate US make
2 x SMB or BC cylinders
1 x Air Hose
2 x Weight Belts
1 x Ni Cad Sealamp 3001 Mk5

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