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The club teaches British Sub-Aqua Club training courses. These are recognised worldwide and many of the standards procedures that divers use throughout the world originated with BSAC.

The entry level qualification is the
Ocean diver. You'll learn the fundamentals of diving and on successful completion you will be qualified to dive to a depth of 20M with other suitably qualified divers. The lessons are paced to suit the individual, we want you to enjoy the training as much as you will the diving.

Having completed your Ocean diver you can then progress onto Sports Diver which introduces you to diving at greater depths as well as the safe use of enriched air (NITROX).

The next step from Sports Diver, is Dive leader which qualifies you to lead other qualified divers and enables you to progress onto Advanced Diver and beyond.

Your club membership pays for the lectures and all pool costs, including the use of club equipment (we currently have 10 sets) in the pool.The course notes for your first course (usually Ocean Diver) are provided free. As you move onto later courses you are expected to purchase the notes for these from the Club (currently about £10 per course).

Open-water instruction is also covered in your membership, but you are expected to provide some of your own kit for this, you can borrow club kit for these lessons.

All training at the club is carried out by qualified instructors who are also club members, led by the clubs Diving Officer.

For further details please refer to the BSAC website.

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